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Compact, fast, and cost-effective, and now more sensitive and more programmable.

Spyder2 is a small, fast, line scan camera that delivers more sensitivity and more programmability than the original Spyder while remaining true to its legacy of easy interface and cost-effectiveness. With a full feature set including flat-field correction, CDS, full control of gain/offset, and Camera Link interface, the Spyder2 brings high-end functionality to mid-range applications. In response to market demands for greater versatility and higher bit depth, Teledyne DALSA incorporated into Spyder2 much of the flexibility and functionality of its high-end Piranha2 cameras.

Spyder2 is over 40% more sensitive than the original. For each available resolution (512, 1024, 2048 and 4096 pixels), Spyder2 provides appropriate, readily-available standard lens options. OEMs employing Spyder in their current imaging systems can look forward to a smooth transition to the Spyder2 camera.

Spyder2 Camera Models

ModelResolutionPixel SizeLine Rate
Spyder2 0512, 65 kHz512 x 114 µm65 kHz
Spyder2 1k, 36 kHz1024 x 114 µm36 kHz
Spyder2 2k, 18 kHz2048 x 114 µm18 kHz

Compact body designed for "real world" applications.

  • Compact design for easy mounting and minimized optical path
  • 14 µm (512 to 2k) or 10 µm (4k) pixel pitch
  • 50mm x 85mm x 50mm
  • Provides side-by-side stackability for multicamera applications such as web inspection
  • Camera Link™ high-speed serial output for easy cabling and camera control
  • Single power supply (12-15V)
  • Easy, standard lensing options (C-mount, F-mount)

Powerful features

  • Correlated double sampling (CDS) for low noise
  • 8 or 10 bit digital output (user selectable)
  • Flat-field pixel correction: removes image distortion due to uneven illumination, optical vignetting, sensor FPN and PRNU, and other imaging system sources, and establishes individual gains and offsets for each pixel
  • Selectable bit depth (8 or 10)
  • Test pattern and diagnostics for cable/system troubleshooting

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