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Custom Sensor Capabilities

Leading Edge Image Sensor Technologies

Teledyne DALSA's history in solid state imaging reaches back to 1969, when founder Dr. Savvas Chamberlain, one of the pioneers of CCD and CMOS image sensors, began his research. He founded the company to commercialize his work. Today Teledyne DALSA offers world-leading products in CMOS and CCDs with a wide range of advanced capabilities.

Capabilities include:

  • CMOS and CCD design
  • NIR and IR sensors, including Microbolometers 
  • Color and multispectral filters
  • Spectrum coverage from X-ray through deep UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR
  • Backside thinning
  • Radiation tolerance
  • Ultra high speed (100 Mpfs)
  • Ultra high resolution (100+ megapixels)
  • Wafer scale devices
  • Custom window attachment and sensor packaging for challenging environments
  • Fiber optic attachments
  • Extended environmental testing, including basic MIL-STD
  • Backside Thinning for high sensitivity and QE
  • Radiation Hardness
  • Multispectral Filters 

Spectrum Coverage

Select a spectrum area to learn more about it and our related capabilities:


Example Completed Designs

Six-tile x-ray panel, 
30 cm x 24 cm

50 megapixel

2 Gpix/sec 
backside thinned TDI

100 million fps

Radiation hard TDI

100 megapixel

Multispectral TDI


Board-level packaging

70% QE, FSI

Multispectral TDI

High-speed CMOS

CMOS linescan

Wafer-scale CCD

Wafer-scale CMOS 

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