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Argus Scanning Detectors

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Argus, Teledyne DALSA’s innovative scanning X-ray detector platform is a high performance cost effective solution for dental panoramic, cephalometry, mammography and general radiography applications. Teledyne DALSA's unique die butting process, using MEMS technology, ensures the smallest possible gap between individual image sensors in order to provide a flexible detector customizable to different field-of-view requirements. A proprietary Teledyne DALSA radiation-hard CCD process ensures long and stable operation of the X-ray detector.

The Argus series is designed for cost-effective imaging applications. The extremely low noise operation, coupled with high performance 16-bit ADC, provides up to 80dB of dynamic range.


Argus Detector Models

ModelResolutionPixel SizeLine Rate
Argus-PAN5580 x 25627 µm2 kHz
Argus-CEPH8160 x 25627 µm2 kHz

  • Field of view: 15 cm
  • Pixel size: 27 µm
  • Up to 9 line pairs/mm resolution
  • Flexible and robust module form factor for ease of integration
  • Anti-blooming
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • 16bit ADC
  • Lower power requirements and single voltage power supply 
  • Good thermal stability

Best in the industry:

  • Smallest butting gap
  • Best cosmetic performance
  • Largest full well
  • Lowest readout noise
  • Lowest dark signal
  • Assembled with advanced MEMs fabrication techniques


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