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High resolution sigma-delta DAC, rad hard

The SDCRDAC24b is a silicon-proven 24-bit sigma-delta charge-redistribution digital-to-analog converter (DAC). It is designed to have high absolute accuracy, low flicker noise, and low power consumption, and is robust against temperature variations and radiation. This makes the DAC ideally suited for demanding control applications in a wide variety of environments.

The functional block diagram is shown below.



  • SNR: 122 dB (10 µHz - 1Hz)
  • SNR: 130 dB (1 Hz – 50 Hz)
  • Sample rate: 0-200 kS/s
  • Total out-of-band noise: < -60 dB
  • Quasi-differential output
  • Low latency: 4.25 µs
  • Radiation-hardened
  • Total power consumption: 2.5 mW
  • Gain stability versus temperature: <1.5 ppm/K
  • Design is scalable with regard to area and performance
  • Technology: UMC 0.18 µm CMOS
  • Silicon proven


  • High-precision control systems
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Gain and offset adjustment/calibration
  • Programmable voltage and current sources
  • Process and servo control


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