Teledyne DALSA Inc

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Our vision is sharp

Teledyne DALSA offers powerful, innovative CCD and CMOS cameras combining industry-leading performance with cutting-edge feature sets and value.

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Area Scan Cameras


4MP to 12MP, CMOS global shutter, up to 168fps


With 86 megapixels, 16 fps and CMOS global shutter, the Falcon4 delivers unique high resolution performance.

Genie Nano CL

Smaller, Faster, Cheaper, Better. CMOS VGA to 25MP with proven Camera Link interface for high frame rates.

Genie Nano GigE

Smaller, Faster, Cheaper, Better. CMOS VGA to 25MP with our exclusive TurboDrive technology for the highest frame rates in the industry.

Genie TS

2MP to 12MP, GigE, CMOS global shutter, up to 70fps

Line Scan Cameras


Linea line scan cameras offer innovative mono and color performance at attractive prices.


High speed with innovative color and multispectral NIR options. Up to 8k, 70 kHz

Piranha4 Polarization

Extends detection capability and is ideal for detecting stresses, surface roughness, film thickness, alloy composition, and 3D profiles.

TDI Line Scan Cameras

Piranha HS

Incredible performance: high sensitivity, high line rates, up to 12k

Piranha XL

Piranha XL line scan cameras bring unprecedented sensitivity, speed, and low noise together through CMOS TDI. Color models too!