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Introducing the most powerful, versatile GigE camera ever—the Genie TS.

Genie TS is a next-generation camera platform engineered to meet the critical performance and environmental requirements of challenging applications such as ITS. Powered by the latest image sensors including Teledyne DALSA's own advanced CMOS devices, the Genie TS family offers resolution from VGA up to 12 megapixel with extremely high quality resolution and frame rates as high as 300 fps, all with true global shutter functionality for crisp, smear-free images of high-speed action.

Genie TS also provides remarkable dynamic range to ensure optimized image capture from sun-to-shade. Integrated features like motorized lens control with image-to-image aperture, zoom and focus functionality, auto iris, image compression, image transfer-on-demand, and both RS-485 and RS-232 ports, are all built into a tough compact body equipped with a GigE Vision Compliant, direct to PC, interface making high speed data transfer and multi-camera networks easy to deploy.

Powerful Feature Set, Unmatched in the Industry


  • Up to 12 megapixel resolution
  • Monochrome and Color models available
  • Higher frame rates in burst and partial scan modes
  • Industry-leading image sensors, including Teledyne DALSA's own advanced CMOS devices
  • True global shutter
  • High dynamic range
    • Multi-slope function
  • Binning
    • Horizontal and vertical
  • Auto-Brightness
    • Auto-exposure
    • Auto-gain (AGC)
    • Auto-iris
  • Multiple Exposure Times
    • Different exposure time per image
    • Cycling method is user-controllable
  • Multiple Gains
    • Different gain settings for for every image
    • Cycling method is user-controllable
  • Moving ROI
    • New ROI positions for every image
    • Cycling method is user-controllable
  • Cycling Feature mode
    • Cycling of feature values can change upon a software command, on every x number of frame(s) or on a external input signal

Data Processing Related Features

  • Multiple Flat field Correction (FFC) with pixel correction
    • Different FFC per image
    • Cycling method is user-controllable
  • Multiple look-up tables (LUT)
    • 4 available LUTs for mono models
    • 1 RGB and luminance LUT for color models
    • Different LUTs per image
  • Motion Detection
    • Image capture based on motion detection
  • Color Correction
    • Color Balancing with CCT preset
    • Auto-white balance (or manual control)
    • Color space conversion
  • Image Filtering
    • Smoothing /sharpness features for monochrome models
  • Image Compression
    • JPEG format, user-controlled parameters 

I/O Related Features

  • Networking
    • Gigabit Eithernet interface
  • Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Auxiliary power input 12 - 24V
  • I/O
    • 4 general purpose outputs
    • 4 general purpose inputs with programmable threshold
  • Auto-Iris
    • 4-pin connector for DC or video iris
    • Motorized iris control available on the 25-pin micro-D connector
  • Motorized Lens
    • Zoom and focus control available on the 25-pin connector
  • Serial Control
    • RS-232 and RS-485 serial port output offers remote access from the PC to serial devices around the camera (like PTZ)
  • General purpose Timer and Counter
    • Generate events based on user defined timer or counter 

Advanced Capabilities

  • Meta Data
    • Latches current camera values with images, including timestamp, exposure, and more
  • Image-On-Demand
    • Auto mode – automatically send images to PC as acquired
    • Manual Mode – camera can store acquired images in memory and transfer when needed
  • Pre-Trigger
    • Loop buffer functionality allows acquisition of multiple images from BEFORE (and after) the actual trigger event
  • Multicasting
    • Image Multicasting – images sent out to multiple computers for parallel processing
    • Simultaneously control multiple cameras with a single software command 
  • IEEE1588
    • Built-in feature for multiple camera synchronization
    • Precise time protocol - time stamping images with microsecond accuracy

The Genie TS family includes the C models (color, e.g. C3500), the M models (monochrome, e.g. M4096) and offers the flexibility for almost any application.

Genie TS Camera Models

ModelResolutionPixel SizeFrame Rate
Genie TS-C19202048 x 10805.5 µm70 fps
Genie TS-C20482048 x 20485.5 µm37.5 fps
Genie TS-M19202048 x 10805.5 µm70 fps
Genie TS-M20482048 x 20485.5 µm37.5 fps
Genie TS-C25002560 x 20486 µm29 fps
Genie TS-M25002560 x 20486 µm29 fps
Genie TS-M25602560 x 20485 µm51 fps
Genie TS-C35003520 x 22006 µm19 fps
Genie TS-M35003520 x 22006 µm19 fps
Genie TS-C40964096 x 30726 µm12 fps
Genie TS-M40964096 x 30726 µm12 fps

Resolution refers to active (photosensitive) pixels.

More Information

Genie TS Feature Sheet


Global Shuttering

Global Shutter


  • Intelligent Traffic Systems
  • Industrial Inspection


More Information

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