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FTF7046C 32 MP Color CCD

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Specifically designed for professional digital still applications, Teledyne DALSA's  FTF7046 is our highest resolution 35 mm full frame CCD to date. Using our latest pixel designs, our engineers were able to raise sensitivity, dynamic range and fill factor even as they reduced pixel size to deliver 32 megapixels of premium image quality.

Very large area, high dynamic range, high speed, robust antiblooming and low noise--the FTF7046 combines these features all in one image sensor. If you need the highest 35 mm image quality available, you need the FTF7046.

Part NumberFTF7046C
Resolution6936 x 4616 pixels
Pixel Size5.2 x 5.2 ┬Ám
Max. Frame Rate1.2 fps
Total Data Rate50 MPixels/s


Application Note AN14, 14-bit Subsystem Application Note AN14, 14-bit Subsystem
FTF7046C Datasheet FTF7046C Datasheet


Feature Highlights

  • 35 mm film compatible image format (36 x 24 mm2)
  • 32M active pixels (6936Hx 4616V)
  • RGB Bayer pattern
  • Progressive scan
  • Excellent anti-blooming
  • Variable electronic shuttering
  • Square pixel structure
  • Vertical sub-sampling
  • >90% fill factor with microlensess
  • Wide angular response
  • High sensitivity, high dynamic range (>72 dB linear)
  • Low dark current and low fixed pattern noise, low readout noise
  • Data rate up to 25 MHz per output (2 outputs)
  • Mirrored and split readout
  • Perfectly matched to visual spectrum
  • RoHS compliant


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