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Shad-o-Box HS: High-performance, high-resolution digital dental x-ray

High-performance, high-resolution CMOS x-ray High-speed, low-dose CMOS flat panel x-ray, up to 300fps Large image area, low noise, high-resolution CMOS x-ray Detachable CMOS x-ray detector for portable NDT Up to 22cm FoV, GigE interface CCD scanning x-ray 22 cm FoV, Camera Link interface CCD TDI scanning X-ray High-speed, high-performance CMOS x-ray

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Line/Fr. Rate
Pixel Size
Dynamic Detectors
Rad-icon 20222064 x 223630 fpsCamera Link Full99 µm
Rad-icon 30303096 x 310030 fpsCamera Link Full99 µm
Rad-icon 15202064 x 154820 fpsGigE99 µm
Shad-o-Box 0512 HS512 x 76835 fpsGigE135 µm
Shad-o-Box 0688 HS688 x 103266 fpsGigE99 µm
Shad-o-Box 1024 HS1024 x 76835 fpsGigE135 µm
Shad-o-Box 1K HS1152 x 130020 fpsGigE49.5 µm
Shad-o-Box 1280 HS1280 x 128030 fpsGigE100 µm
Shad-o-Box 1548 HS1548 x 103232 fpsGigE99 µm
Shad-o-Box 3K HS2304 x 130022 fpsGigE49.5 µm
Shad-o-Box 6K HS2940 x 23049 fpsGigE49.5 µm
Xineos-3030HR2988 x 298830 fpsCamera Link99 µm
Xineos-2022HR2064 x 223630 fpsCameraLink99 µm
Xineos-1313-EO GigE/CL1300 x 130045 fpsGigE100 µm
Xineos-1313-FL GigE/CL1300 x 130045 fpsGigE100 µm
Xineos-2222HS1416 x 141630 fpsGigE152 µm
Xineos-1511 GigE1488 x 114830 fpsGigE99 µm
Xineos-3030HS1948 x 194830 fpsGigE152 µm
Xineos-23294608 x 58888 fpsGigE49.5 µm
Xineos-1515 GigE/CL1548 x 154830 fpsGigE or CameraLink99 µm

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