Semiconductor » Mixed Signal » HPAC14

Headphone Amplifier

A general purpose headphone amplifier (HPA) is available in a 140 nm CMOS process. The amplifier can drive loads down to 16 Ω and with a supply voltage ranging from 1.5 Volt to 5 Volt. With the internal feedback resistors the gain of the amplifier is +2 or -1 depending on which input is used.

The functional block diagram is shown below.



  • Fixed gain of +2 or -1
  • Supply voltage 1.5 to 5 V
  • Load impedance ≥ 16 Ω
  • SNR@5 mW: 101 dB
  • THD@5 mW, 1 kHz: 0.03 %
  • 0.125 mm2 in 0.14 μm CMOS


  • Cellular Phones / Music Phones
  • Smart Phones
  • Portable Media / MP3 Players
  • Portable CD / DVD Players


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